A portfolio on font designs

My passion for type design arose out of a general dissatisfaction with the quality of freeware/shareware typefaces available on the Internet, many of which were of the "grunge" and "handwriting" variety. I started designing typefaces in the mid 90's using a program called TypeSmith for the Amiga, which came free on a magazine coverdisk, and I quickly became hooked. The goal was to create high-quality multi-purpose fonts that would not look out of place as body text in a magazine.

Since those early days, I migrated to FontLab and didn't look back. A runaway success is Exuberance Primary, which is available to purchase.

The bulk of the typefaces you see here were designed in the early to mid 2000's. I've now rediscovered typeface design as a hobby, and armed with a copy of Glyphs, am now exploring how font technology has evolved.

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Exuberance Primary

Released 2005
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Released 2005
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Graham Sans

Released as freeware
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